Fez Tá Pronto – Luxury base of the pyramid housing

By Ruban Selvanayagam of Fez Tá Pronto Construction System©


After almost a year spent exploring real estate opportunities in Brazil, it dawned on me that the market had not only become a prime example of speculation gone crazy but also where housing had become a very vivid indictment of the massive wealth divides that still exist amongst the so called “emerging” nations. Indeed, contrary to government statistics which very debatably underestimate the true extent of the issue, the housing shortage stands at a minimum of 15 million units and rising by at least 1.5 million units annually – with literally no solutions in place.

In 2010, I came across the work of developer Manoel Pinto and the Fez Tá Pronto Construction System©.  Manoel and his chief engineer Paulo Vilena between them possess over five decades of Brazilian property development experience when they launched a delivery model that challenged the chaotic and outmoded construction process that dominates the country and around the world.

Fez Tá Pronto is a semi-industrialised and copyrighted building system that uses specially designed, patented gypsum plaster blocks to build high-quality and environmentally friendly housing units, from single-storey bungalows to multi-storey apartment blocks. Fez Tá Pronto projects have been approved by the leading home lenders of the country: namely, the Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and the Banco Real (now merged with Santander). It has been tested in developments over the last eight years, including the Rio das Ostras project that was successfully audited (and mortgage financed) by Caixa (the main administrators of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida or “My House, My Life” low-income housing initiatives).

Crucially for the unviable low-income market, Fez Tá Pronto delivers high-quality homes at a minimum of 40% less cost than is standard, using materials normally reserved for luxury real estate in Brazil. The methodology delivers homes up to four times faster than the Brazilian industry average, regardless of development size. We also offer workers a safe and clean environment, and salaries up to three times the standard.

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